Sustainable Resort

Uncover and revive the nature

At An Lam Retreats Saigon River, we encourage our guests to make the most of their stays by contributing to the sustained growth of the environment and the local society. Being environmentally friendly and socially responsible can be intertwined with a relaxed stay through diverse initiatives conducted by the sustainable resort, ranging from energy efficiency, no plastic policy, water & waste management, social commitment, and natural protection.


“Regeneration” refers to the process of reviving something again. We believe in this new travel trend, as each person can contribute to rebuilding the environment and, at the same time, helping the local society. Let’s together make our planet a better place!


Regen Lab Regen Lab introduces different sustainable initiatives that our guests can apply daily, from learning how to make a hanging garden using plastic bottles to repurposing old bedsheets to create a shopping bag. Regen Lab will also surprise our little guests with a range of fun activities where they can learn different techniques to recycle and reuse. We follow the 3Rs (Reduce, reuse, recycle) to have a minimal impact on the environment.
Farm to Table Nothing can ever compare to the fresh taste of handpicked fresh vegetables from our home-grown garden. To grow high-quality, organic vegetables, we use left-over food and vegetables for composting and manure at our farm. Our chicken farm nearby stands proud as it is where we source our fresh eggs for use throughout the sustainable resort’s F&B outlets.
Water Bar Pass by Regen Lab to visit our own purified water system that provides drinking water to all our guests and staff. To reduce the use of plastic, water is bottled in reusable glass bottles, making it healthier for the environment and better for you!


Community Education Meet the real heroes of our English teaching class: our Butlers. Every Wednesday and Friday, these passionate, dedicated individuals go to a nearby local orphanage village to teach children the basics of English communication.
Buying Local Complementing our fresh home-grown ingredients, we support our local suppliers by purchasing additional supplies for the resort. This initiative allows more natural and healthier consumption and facilitates a lower carbon footprint as local food does not require a shipping process or preservatives.
Social Events Discover the authentic culture of Vietnam via our weekly workshops ranging from baking, candle making, jewelry design, calligraphy, or pottery. Our local experts will prepare all the required ingredients and walk you through the whole process. Who knows that you can discover a new lifelong hobby?


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